Could IKEA be coming to Nashville?

(AP Photo)

Could the modern Swedish retailer really be coming to Nashville?

IKEA currently does not have a store in Nashville but buzz is building that they could have their eye on Music City.

ModerNash in south Nashville stocks IKEA furniture and managers there say they have sources with knowledge of IKEA's decision making process.

Owner Nick Ray says he's hearing IKEA, the world's largest furniture manufacture, could be eyeing Nashville for expansion, possibly in the fall of 2015.

“We've got contacts at the IKEA Atlanta store and rumors start to seep out here and there whenever they get internal documents,” he told Nashville's News 2.

Nashville has long been associated with IKEA rumors, some suggesting the mega-furniture store might take space in the Bellevue Mall.

A Facebook Page campaigned for a store and currently has 866 likes.

The page appears to no longer be updated, but in recent days, there have been new comments regarding the new rumors.

Music City is apparently in the running with St. Louis and Miami.

However, IKEA has denied the rumors.

In a statement released to Nashville's News 2, the retailer said, “While we certainly recognize the customer base that would [and does] exist for us in Tennessee, we currently do not have plans or have committed to a timeframe for a store in Nashville.”

The statement continued, “With only 38 stores in the U.S., we always are evaluating opportunities for new stores, either in major metropolitan areas where we currently do not have a store or in existing markets where we can grow our presence.  Nashville certainly is a growing metropolitan area that down the road could potentially support an IKEA store, but that is not the case at this time.”

The closest IKEA store to Nashville is in Atlanta, about four hours away.

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