Senior citizen catches thieves red-handed, opens fire

Senior citizen catches thieves red-handed, opens fire (Image 1)

A 77-year-old Cheatham County man fought back after thieves tried to steal his all-terrain vehicle early Wednesday morning.

Jerry Cannon and his wife Jean awoke around 1:30 a.m. to the sound of the vehicle's motor in the driveway.

Cannon, a retired Navy veteran who fought in Korea, jumped up and ran outside.

“It really made me mad that someone stole something from me,” he told Nashville's News 2.

As the would-be thieves fled, Cannon hopped into his pickup truck and gave chase, confronting the suspects on a nearby side street.

Boxed in, the thieves reportedly rammed Cannon's truck in an attempt to getaway.

Fearing for his safety, Cannon pulled out his .22 caliber pistol and opened fire, striking the back of the getaway truck twice.
“I don't know if I hollered to them to stop, it was happening so quick,” Cannon recalled. 

He continued, “He came around and I could tell he was going to run over me if he could and he hit my truck and it was just a big bang.  I could see he was trying to hurt me so that's when I got out and took my pistol and shot two holes in the back of his truck.”

The bandits got away with two of Canon's chainsaws and his rifle.

However, they never had time to load his $16,000 RTV.

Cannon wasn't injured.

Anyone with information on the thieves is urged to call the Cheatham County Sheriff's Office.

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