Giant pumpkin makes drive from Canada to Williamson County

Giant pumpkin makes drive from Canada to Williamson County (Image 1)

Franklin's great pumpkin is on its way to Williamson County for this weekend's fall festival.

Nashville's News 2 caught up with the pumpkin's drivers just outside of Syracuse, New York via Apple's FaceTime app, about an hour after it left its home in Carleton Place, Ontario.

“We've been asked on more than one occasion whether or not [the pumpkin is] real,” said driver Amanda Blakely. “This one just fit, we had to shave one side of [the pumpkin], just slightly to get it on, but we used a forklift and some pallets, and squeezed it on the back of the Escalade.”

The enormous pumpkin is an annual tradition for the 20 year old festival that draws 50,000 people for food, games and this year, beer.

“We have two local brewers and one will be here and they've gotten local pumpkins, Gentry's Farm, and they made a special pumpkin ale out of it,” said Nancy Williams, the director of the Downtown Franklin Association that runs the fall festival.

A pumpkin always makes the drive from Carleton Place to Franklin each year because that's where its grown, and because it's Franklin's sister city.

“I understand you have to have special seeds for the great pumpkin, and the conditions have to be just right and apparently their climate in Carleton Place is perfect for growing giant pumpkins,” Williams said.

For more information on the fall festival, visit

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