3 apps proven to mark your Smartphone better

3 apps proven to mark your Smartphone better (Image 1)

An app to watch the baseball playoffs, another to make your own movie and another to keep up with what's happening – all apps you don't want to miss.

We know the camera in the iPhone 4 and 5 is fantastic, but did you know it's so good they're making movies with it?

“Searching for Sugarman” isn't just an iPhone 4 movie. It has a very good chance to be nominated for an Academy Award.

The film is about an obscure musician no one in America had ever heard of, but became the Elvis of South Africa without him knowing it.

The filmmaker said he shot many of the scenes with his iPhone 4, and edited them with a 99 cent app called ‘Super8.

The app allows you to add filters to give your videos the look from a 1970s era super-8 camera.

The app has won dozens of webby awards and the film was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival. Super8, though very successful, is still on 99 cents in the iTunes store.

If you love baseball, the MLB At Bat app is a must have.

If you have an MLB subscription you can watch all of the playoff games here. If you don't you can still listen to the radio broadcasts, keep up with an animated play-by-play feature. It looks a lot like the actual game and shows every pitch including the location, the speed and even the type of pitch.

MLB At Bat is free for iOS. It's on sale for Android devices for $4.

iSurvival is a great app, especially for people who love adventure.  It's also the Survival Handbook for the U.S Army.

Chapters include shelters, poisonous plants, dangerous animals, cold weather survival and camouflage.
It's a really nice app for hunters, campers and hikers. For a limited time it is free in Apple's app store.

If news is your thing, check out Flipboard for android and iOS.

Flipboard gives you access to Facebook and Twitter and dozens of news sources, including your Google Reader RSS feed.

You flip the pages much like you would with a traditional news magazine. It's good on phones, but it's awesome on the iPad.

Flipboard is a free app for both Android and iOS.

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