Man nearly carjacked with daughter in backseat

Man nearly carjacked with daughter in backseat (Image 1)

Metro police are investigating what appears to be an attempted carjacking midday Wednesday in south Nashville.

The victim told police he was approached by two men around 11 a.m. in the parking lot of the apartment complex located at 270 Tampa Drive.

Police said the victim and the two suspects began arguing when one of the suspects pulled a gun.

“During the scuffle, the suspects forced the victim back into his vehicle at gunpoint and told him to drive,” said Metro police Lt.  Randy Alexander explained.

The victim's three-year-old daughter was already seated in the backseat of the victim's blue Chevy Avalanche pickup truck when he drove south about 100 yards toward Harding Place and saw a police officer working a traffic accident.

“When he saw the officer, he pulled up as close as he possibly could and jumped out of his vehicle at which time the two suspects fled on foot,” Alexander continued.

A Tennessee Department of Transportation crew was also in the area trimming trees and saw watched the incident unfold.

One of the workers, who did not want to be identified, says he saw the men struggling as they drove up to the police officer.

“The dude in the passenger seat was holding onto the driver and the other was beating him up and a gunshot happened,” the worker said.

The worker said he saw the suspects take off, running in opposite directions.

No one was injured.

The bullet missed the little girl and ripped a hole in the door frame.

The gun fell out onto the road when the suspects jumped out of the truck. 

Officers have located and arrested one of the men, 62-year-old James Oden.

The search for the other suspect is ongoing.  Police said he fled on foot along Richbriar Circle.

Offices recovered a black hooded sweashirt, duct tape and a knife in the area.

Police weren't immediately sure if the victim and the suspects know each other or if the crime was random.  The investigation is ongoing.

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