New West Nile Virus case found in Davidson County

New West Nile Virus case found in Davidson County (Image 1)

Trappers have discovered a new case of the West Nile Virus middle Tennessee.

Infected mosquitoes were found at a busy Antioch intersection at the corner of Murfreesboro Road and Antioch Pike.

So far, 29 Tennesseans have contracted the virus this year, including one man who died just last week in Davidson County.

Health officials have also found infected mosquitoes in Goodlettsville, Hermitage, Madison, and north and south Nashville.

Officials say West Nile is unusual in Nashville. There were no cases from 2009 to 2011 and only seven reported in the last decade.

Since 2003, the Center For Disease Control reported more than 4,200 across the nation. A third of those cases reported were from Texas.

Health officials say wearing long sleeve shirts and pants along with eliminating standing water can help reduce the risk of getting bit by an infected mosquito.

According to the CDC, Mosquitoes carry the virus from birds to humans.

Some theories suggest the drought forced mosquitoes and birds to spend more time together.

Another theory says that Dallas-area flocks might have more young birds that have never encountered the virus, allowing them to spread the disease to mosquitoes.

Some have said climate change may be a factor as this was the hottest year on record.

And lastly, one theory suggests the declining diversity of bird populations could play a significant role in the cycle of West Nile outbreaks.

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