Standard Candy Company celebrates 100 years of Goo Goo Clusters

Standard Candy Company celebrates 100 years of Goo Goo Clusters (Image 1)

Music City and the Standard Candy Company are celebrating a gooey treat 100 years in the making.

Inside the Standard Candy Company, 20,000 mounds of gooey treats known as a Goo Goo Cluster are created each hour.

The treat is made up of nougat, caramel, roasted, nuts and milk chocolate.

In 1912, in a copper kettle, the world's first ever combination candy bar, was invented on First Avenue in Nashville.

“The Standard Candy Company was started in 1901,” said Lance Paine, the Executive Vice President for Goo Goo Cluster.  “Here we are today, 100 years later, making the same candy.”

In honor of the original southern confections birthday, more than 40 Nashville restaurants are featuring desserts inspired by the candy.

“We wanted to do something that was simple, classic, and southern,” said Matt Farley, the executive chef at Southern Steak and Oyster.

Farley concocted Goo Goo Cluster bread pudding in honor of the centennial celebration.

“It's made with bread and eggs, sugar, cream and Goo Goo Clusters cut up,” he explained.

The grand old candy of the South has also been turned into cupcakes, cheesecakes and milkshakes at local spots throughout Music City as part of the celebration.

The company states that they're “Wrinkled, lumpy, nutty” and they've “turned 100 and never looked better.”

The start of the name Goo Goo comes with a few different stories.  Some think the name came from the letters of the Grand Ole Opry, G-O-O, though the candy was created before the Opry.

Another theory is that it was named for the first words a baby says, and that they're so good, people ask for them at birth.

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