Powerbag keeps gadgets charged while on the go

Powerbag keeps gadgets charged while on the go (Image 1)

It's the problem every one has and no one knows a solution – how to keep your phone charged when there's no electrical charger anywhere around.

Nobody likes power outages, and in this ever-changing technological world, the power outage you get when you travel with gadgets is sometimes even worse. Pack a laptop, smartphone, iPad and you're bound to need a charge on one or maybe all of them.

Frankly, though, that's hard to do on the road.

The Powerbag is a unique travel bag with a built in battery system. That system can charge your phone up to four times.

Inside the Powerbag is a battery and four USB ports. Wires are routed through the bag into pockets. Once you plug in the device or devices, they stay charged while you travel.

The company has the Powerbags in messenger bags, slings and rolling briefcases.

These bags are for students, travelers or someone who is on the go all the time.

In today's world, most people have multiple gadgets and they're constantly running out of power.

But what happens when the Powerbag loses it's juice?

The bag has an A/C plug and you plug the bag right into the wall and let it charge.

When completely charged up, the Powerbag puts out enough juice to not only keep your gadgets charged, but charge them when they completely die.

To charge up an iPad from 0 to 100 will take about an hour and a half.

Powerbags start at around $90 for a messenger bag, or backpack and can go up to $250 for a rolling briefcase.

Powerbags are available at Best Buy and Amazon.

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