ABC’s ‘Nashville’ 2 years in the making

ABC's ‘Nashville' 2 years in the making (Image 1)

After much anticipation, ABC's latest prime time television show, “Nashville” premiered on Wednesday night.

The show, which is all about Music City, the music and the drama behind the music industry, is being touted as the possible break out hit of the fall season.

Nashville's News 2 recently spoke with the show's executive producer Steve Buchanan who said it took more than two years to make the new show a reality.

Buchanan said he is thrilled with the initial response the television show has already received.

“We certainly hope [it's the break hit],” he said. “[Our] fingers are crossed. We feel like we could not be happier with the response we've gotten.”

For Nashvillians and the millions of people who have visited the city, they will recognize many backdrops in the show including the Ryman Auditorium, the Bluebird Café and the Grand Ole Opry among others.

“Nashville is really a character in the show and we want to display and to highlight the many iconic locations that exists and that make Nashville, Nashville,” Buchanan said. “We shot all of the pilot on location and all of the show is shot in Nashville now on the soundstage and on locations.”

Buchanan said the popularity of shows such as “American Idol” and “The Voice,” as well as other talent reality shows are part of what he hopes makes “Nashville” a hit.

“Music has become more and more successfully integrated into television. It just seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a show based in Nashville,” he said.

Buchanan added the show's cast members also appreciate Nashville's lifestyle so much some are considering moving here permanently.

“Nashville” airs on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on Nashville's News 2.

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