3 firefighters resign during investigation of misconduct

3 firefighters resign during investigation of misconduct (Image 1)

Three firefighters have resigned pending the final outcome of an investigation into allegations of sexual activity at an area fire station.

It was alleged in late August that women visited the Bordeaux fire station located on Clarksville Highway where they stripped and had sex for money with the firefighters.

Police learned of the lewd incidents following an extortion attempt against firefighter Jason Copeland.

Copeland and several others were immediately placed on administrative leave while authorities conducted an investigation.

During the time charges were pending for numerous policy violations, Copeland, in addition to firefighters Quincy Corbitt and Kerry Sales resigned from their positions.

Fire fighter Darrin Bell has since been cleared of any involvement in the incident and has returned to his regular duty.

Captain James Overton remains under investigation by the department.

“I am looking at all the processes involved in Nashville Fire Department to ascertain if any changes needed to  take place,” interim fire chief Billy Lynch said. “We are going to take care of business internally and we are going to make the necessary changes to make it a positive.”

Lynch said he is reviewing processes for all stations in the department, especially in regards to supervision at the stations.

“It is something you have got to stay on top of and we will,” he said.

Neighbors in Bordeaux were shocked to find out about the parties inside Station 24. The station responds to emergency calls in the area.

“I am totally appalled,” Art Finney said. “There is so much going on, now a days, it is hard to understand that something like that would be going on.”

He continued, “We are paying our taxpayer money for them to take care of us in a situation.”

Trevan Jonson said the department should identify ways to make sure fire fighters do not use their downtime between calls for inappropriate activity.

“You can get lost in that stuff sometimes,” he said. “They have to be ready to move their minds back to what is important.”

The fire department's internal investigation is expected to be complete in the upcoming weeks.

Metro police said the fire fighters will not be charged for prostitution in connection with allegations that women performed sex acts with fire fighters in exchange for money.

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