Columbia battles mold issue at fire station

Columbia battles mold issue at fire station (Image 1)

Columbia's oldest fire station has a mold problem.

Firefighters at Station No. 3 have been operating out of a temporary trailer since July when the city first discovered problems with the building.

The roof was damaged during a spring hail storm and heavy rain a few weeks later caused even more issues when water leaked into the fire station.

“Anytime you have water in the carpet and dry wall you're going to have some mold,” said Columbia Fire Chief Lee Bergeron.

It was determined firefighters could not live there until repairs were made.

According to Chief Bergeron, crews have since removed the mold and the building now has a new roof, but construction on the inside of the station could still take several weeks to complete.

“If we could get in by Christmas, it would be a wonderful present for the men and women who serve out of this station,” said Chief Bergeron.

Chief Bergeron expects the project to cost several thousand dollars to complete but an exact dollar figure is not known yet. Bids are still being taken.

The new roof cost more than $50,000 dollars, most of which was covered by insurance.

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