ABC’s ‘Nashville’ debut borrows from real events

ABC's 'Nashville' debut borrows from real events (Image 1)

When the ABC's prime time series Nashville debuts Wednesday night, the storyline borrows a little bit from some real political Music City history.

One scene shows a political power broker proclaiming on the site of the old Nashville Thermal Plant, “What kind of mayor would not want a major league ballpark in the middle of Nashville?”

While mayor from 1999 to 2007, Bill Purcell was among those who thought a ball park might indeed go on the same Thermal Plant site.

“First, I wanted to get rid of the Thermal Plant which burned garbage right next to downtown,” Purcell told Nashville's News 2.

“Then we wanted to do some kind of entertainment venue for the people of Nashville,” he added about the proposal which he supported as long as tax money was not involved.

Ultimately, developers could not come up with financing, so the Metro government property sits now as a nicely groomed field next to the Cumberland River.

Producers of the television show must have liked the scene as well since it made it's way into the premiere.

With a laugh, the Purcell denied anything to do with the plot line.

“No, no, I would have assumed that because it was ABC, and with such a strong local affiliate, they would know everything happening here,” Purcell said.

Current Nashville Mayor Karl Dean also denied anything to do with the plot line, even though he actually met several times in the past year with the show's producers, and even some screenwriters.

“Not to influence any stories, but [I] just told them what I know of the city and my feelings about it,” Dean said, adding, “I am assuming the story will be interesting, a little soap opera-ish, but it will show Nashville, and Nashville is an interesting city, a dynamic city.”

“Nashville” debuts on Wednesday night on Nashville's News 2 at 9 p.m.

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