Nolensville teen opens bookstore to save for college

Nolensville teen opens bookstore to save for college (Image 1)

Trent Crowthers isn't letting a shortage of cash get in the way of his dreams.  The 17-year-old runs his own bookstore to help pay for his college tuition.

Trent's Bookstore is nestled inside the Antique Barn in the historic community of Nolensville.

It may be easy to pass by with only one small red sign in the window, but the opportunity is one Crowthers wasn't going to let slide.

He told Nashville's News 2, “I decided I needed to try and get some more money for college.”

By opening a bookstore, Crowthers is following in the footsteps of his father.

His parents invested close to a $600 for the teen to buy thousands of books off of eBay and open the business.

While some say bookstores are dying, Crowthers believes the life of a book will never end, especially with prices like his.  Most of his books cost just $3 to $4.

Crowthers hopes those few dollars will add up to college tuition and when it's time to go, he wants to pass the business on.

“What I'll probably do is leave it to my little brother and then he can save up for his college,” he said.  “He'll have more time to save up more money.”

Crowthers says he hopes to attend Ohio State or Georgia State and become a doctor.

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