4-year-old kidney transplant survivor inspires blood drive

4-year-old kidney transplant survivor inspires blood drive (Image 1)

A blood drive was held in honor of a four-year-old kidney recipient who has inspired her small community to come together and help others facing medical challenges.

Maggie Meador, who suffers from a rare condition called FSGS, underwent the transplant in June.

Prior to her life changing surgery, the young girl endured 10 hours of dialysis each day.

Maggie's mother, Laura, told Nashville's News 2 once the transplant surgery was completed her daughter almost instantly looked and felt better.

“She has life now and she enjoys life. She plays now, she laughs. It is a huge difference, it is an amazing difference,” Laura said.

On Monday a third blood drive, hosted by the Mothers of Preschool Program, was held in honor of Maggie as an effort to give back the American Red Cross.

“When Maggie was first diagnosed, she required multiple blood products everyday and so she had blood products that were available to get at any given moment,” Laura explained.

Coordinator Lindsay Smith told Nashville's News 2 each of the blood drives in Maggie's honor have been extremely successful.

“We have met our goal, actually exceeded our goal in the last two blood drives and we are hoping to do that today as well,” Lindsay said.

Amanda Key was among those who took time out of her day to donate blood in Maggie's honor.  

“Knowing you save a life is priceless and that you can sacrifice for someone else makes it all worth it,” she said.  

Laura added, “When one person donates blood today that can save up to three lives.”

Monday's blood drive goal was to collect over 65 units of live saving blood.

Next week Maggie and her family will be going to Disney World thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation.

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