New TV technology makes video calling easier

New TV technology makes video calling easier (Image 1)

It can be annoying for the phone to ring in the middle of watching your favorite TV show, but would it make a difference if the phone rang on your tv? A new gadget looks like it could be right out of the Jetsons is the newest trend in technology.

High-def televisions with a phone built in – who would have ever thought it would come to this? It's from Biscotti and it allows users to talk to their family, friends or anybody while watching television.

The Biscotti has a high definition camera and a microphone built into it, and it has video connectors on the back that connect to your TV. Users can use the remote to communicate with the Biscotti. Using your Wi-Fi connection, consumers can place high definition calls to anywhere in the world.

Making a phone call from the Biscotti is as simple as pressing a button on the remote. Once you do that, a menu system comes up on your TV and you can call whomever you like.

What happens if my brother Joel, who lives in Nashville, wants to call me? When he calls me, it will say Uncle Joel is calling right on my TV, and we can accept the call from Uncle Joel and have a high definition video call in our living room.

You can call any device or application that supports Google voice and video chat so you can have a video call on the biggest screen in your house.

The biscotti cookie has been around for ever, the Biscotti TV video has been around since late last year. You can get one for about $200.

The TV video phone can accept calls from android smart phones, too. Since the video calls are made over the Internet, calls going out and coming in are free.

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