Church raises money for survivor of triple murder

Church raises money for survivor of triple murder (Image 1)

Musicians at the Center for Spiritual Living held a concert to benefit a nine-year-old girl who was the single survivor of a murder that claimed the lives of her mother, brother and grandmother on September 2.

Michelle Pinkowski, 48, her son Jonathan Culpepper, 14, and her mother, Marylea Jordan, 71 were stabbed to death inside Jordan's home at 816 Beech Bend Drive.

Jordan's neighbor Craig Garber, 41, was found at the scene bloody from stabbing himself. According to arrest records he admitted to stabbing all three victims.

He remains in a Davidson County jail on a $1 million bond.

Jordan was a member of Center for Spiritual Living where the benefit concert was held.

“It started off as a chance for all the music ministry members to be heard in a concert setting without the constraints of a Sunday morning service going on,” music ministry director Shawn O'Shea said. “As this concert day approached we agreed we would ask for love offerings from those in attendance.”

The money raised will be donated to the Jordan Family Benevolence Fund. The money helps pay for family funeral expenses, as well as the young girl's on going needs.

“We believe there is God at work with us and in those acts this music ministry team feels very privileged to play tonight,” O'Shea said. “Just being here, just sending out loving energy to this little girl has real value.”

Metro police have not confirmed a motive for the slayings, but neighbors said on the day of the murders there was a dispute between Garber and Pinkowski about a GPS unit that Garber believed Pinkowski's son stole from a neighbor's car.

The day of the murders, investigators said Pinkowski's nine-year-old daughter was asleep on the couch upstairs when she heard the murders taking place.

Police do not believe Garber saw her, but she saw him attack her grandmother with the knife.

She escaped the house and ran through the darkness to a friend's home a few houses away. Her friend's mother called 911 and her friend's father got a gun. He went to the front door of the girl's home and banged on the door, but it was not answered.

Police soon arrived and found Garber bloody inside the home. Garber, reportedly, suffers from emotional issues.

Friday morning an attorney for Garber was in court answering to charges from the District Attorney's office that he had ex-parte communication with a judge to have Garber declared indigent.

Garber was not in court for the proceeding. According to the District Attorney's office Garber is being evaluated by mental health professionals before his preliminary hearing.

The three counts of criminal homicide will then be presented to a Davidson County Grand Jury for a formal indictment.

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