Traveling production portrays consequences of poor teen decisions

Traveling production portrays consequences of poor teen decisions (Image 1)

A unique theatrical production is continuing to travel across the country in an attempt to help teenagers and young adults think twice about choices that could have a devastating effect.

Steve King is just one of the volunteers for The 99.

“I have been doing it for three years. Traveling with The 99 full time,” King said. “You get to see a lot of the country and that is pretty cool.”  

The 99 is a theatrical production which uses volunteers to drive home the importance of making wise choices.

The number 99 also represents an average number of young people who die every day in America from preventable causes.

“The 99 is a statistic that says 99 teenagers from the age of 12 to 24 will die every day in America mainly from preventable causes,” explained Production Manager Justin Christensen.
He continued, “The 99 is a changing number that can be changed by just thinking about the consequences before you get into a car with someone who has been drinking.”

The unique production is housed in a huge red tent. Inside visitors will find 13 rooms with real actors portraying the end result of making bad decisions.

“So as you walk into this room there will be smoke coming up from under the car hood. There is a girl lying out on the hood. It is all graphically showing you the poor decision.”

Organizers told Nashville's News 2 the idea behind the theatrical production is similar to a haunted house; however the portrayed scenes are based on real life situations.

“The car wrecks that happen are real, the crack house is real, the suicide room is real but sometime reality is scary and when you confront those things face to face it can put a little fear inside of you.”

King said he volunteers because he lost a friend to drinking and driving.

“In '94 I had a friend who got killed, so I feel if I do this I can make a difference to other people that is involved in it,” he explained.

Organizers said the main goal of the production is to help kids and young adults understand their choices have real life consequences.

Tickets to the production cost $3.

The 99 production begins Friday at 7 p.m. in a red tent located on Collins Park Drive, off of Bell Road at Interstate 24.

The show will be in Nashville each Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October.

For more information on The 99, visit

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