Nashville police padlock Yea Baby’s nightclub

Nashville police padlock Yea Baby's nightclub (Image 1)

For the second time in just over a year, Metro police Friday afternoon shutdown and padlocked a Murfreesboro Pike bar due to persistent fighting, assaults, drug crimes, other law violations and breaches of the peace.

Yea Baby's, formerly known as Silverado's and Rado's, located at 1204 Murfreesboro Pike, has once again been declared a public nuisance in a temporary injunction and padlocking order issued Friday by Judge Mark Fishburn.

Fishburn's order provides that the nightclub be closed and padlocked pending a hearing.

The owners and operators of the business as well as the owner of the property are also not allowed on the property.

According to Metro police, Yea Baby's remains under the jurisdiction of Nashville's Criminal Court as the result of it being shut down and padlocked by Metro police on August 3, 2011.

The owners/operators were mandated to clean up the operation and make changes pursuant to a permanent injunction issued on September 9, 2011, which allowed the business to reopen.

“Enough is enough,” Metro police Chief Steve Anderson said in a release.  “This place has adversely impacted the safety of this part of the Murfreesboro Pike corridor far too long and has been a drain on the resources of the Hermitage Precinct.”

Over the past year, since the business reopened, the police department has logged more than 270 service calls.  An additional 366 service calls relate to Murfreesboro Pike at Kermit Drive, the intersection in front of the business.

Shootings, reports of shots fired and complaints about disorderly persons are among those police responses.

Last month, three people were injured in a shooting outside the nightclub.  At least 50 shots were fired following an altercation between two groups of people inside.

Yea Baby's will remain shut down pending further orders of Judge Fishburn. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 11 at 2 p.m.

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