Sylvan Park Restaurant to close, reopen in Green Hills

Sylvan Park Restaurant to close, reopen in Green Hills (Image 1)

One of Nashville's oldest meat and threes will close its doors later this month to open a new location in Green Hills.

Sylvan Park Restaurant, located on the corner of 46th Avenue North and Murphy Road, will close on October 19.

“It's been a hard decision to make, but it's time,” said Eleanor Clay, one of the owners.

Clay said she and her daughter, Lisa Greer, thought a lot about whether this move was the right thing to do.

Clay cited changes in the Sylvan Park neighborhood as a big part of the decision.

“There are so many things that are changing,” explained Clay. “We've been fighting parking for the last two years, the property is being sold. We don't know what they're going to do with it.”

Greer also said the building needs a lot of repairs, which they didn't want to take on.

Both women cited concerns with the proposed roundabout at the 46th Ave. North and Murphy Road intersection.

“The way we understand, it is access to our restaurant business is going to come through the side street up here,” Clay told Nashville's News 2. “That really did help us to make this decision.”

Sylvan Park restaurant has been in the Sylvan Park location for at least 50 years.

While a lot has changed, Greer said their customer base has always been what kept them in business and kept the place special.

“I think you feel like you're part of the family here and the servers probably know just about everybody by name because they've been here for so long,” said Greer.

Lisa Roberts has been a server at the restaurant for 20 years, and her mother did the same thing before her for 35 years.

“They actually just needed some fill in help, and I ended up just doing it,” said Lisa about how she landed the job. “It's pretty special. There's a lot of memories.”

Clay and Greer said their employees will move with them to the new location, and they hope their customers will too.

“Even though it's sad for us, we still have to be positive,” said Clay. “We're going to a new place, a new venture and hopefully, our customers will come with us.”

Employees hope to have the new restaurant, located at 2209 Abbott Martin Road, open by the end of the month.

Sylvan Park Restaurant has three other Middle Tennessee locations at 2330 Franklin Pike, 2278 Lebanon Pike and 5814 Nolensville Pike.

None of those will be affected by the move.

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