Cancer fighter helps friend battling disease through art

Cancer fighter helps friend battling disease through art (Image 1)

A woman who has been battling cancer for several years is putting her talents to use by refurnishing and selling furniture to help a Middle Tennessee mother also fighting cancer.

Denise Lytletrice told Nashville's News 2 on the happiest day of her life she received the worst news of her life.

“I was first diagnosed with breast cancer on the day I gave birth to my only child 11 years ago,” Lytletrice said.

The Williamson County woman had Stage III cancer which eventually went into remission after rounds of surgery and chemotherapy.

However, the disease came back six years ago as bone cancer.

“It spread to my bones, which is now in my legs, my spine, ribs and just recently to my liver,” she told Nashville's News 2. “I've got rods in both of my legs, but I'm able to walk fairly well. Sometimes I use a cane, other times I don't.”

Wearing a pink T-shirt that reads “Fighter” Lytletrice said she taught herself to paint out of boredom.

Soon the cancer fighter was rummaging around yard sales and thrift stores, looking for furniture to refurbish.

Recently she's been painting what she finds pink, and during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Lytletrice is giving every dollar she makes from the sale of those items to help a woman who is also battling cancer.  

“I have a very dear friend, Tara Baugwan. She's a local mother, lives in Mt. Juliet, has four children and she's going through the same thing,” she said. “Their medical bills have been sky rocketing, money has been a problem for them and I just wanted to give back to her and help her and her family.”

Lytletrice's pink furniture is for sale at Peacock Lane, an antique shop in Nolensville.

The owner, Debbie Suttmiller said Lytletrice's story and determination is an inspiration.

“It's amazing to watch someone like her who's in pain a lot of the times and some days can't even get out of the bed,” she said. “All of the furniture she brings in here, goes out pretty quick.”

Lytletrice has her own section of the store with pink lampshades made from little girl's skirts, tables, chairs and an armoire which sits in the store's front window. “

Lytletrice told Nashville's News 2 while proceeds from the sale of the furniture will help her friend's family; she finds strength to fight cancer by simply helping.

“I found if you take the focus off yourself and do things for others it helps you feel better and it helps you to get through it,” she explained.

Peacock Lane will hold an open house event at the store on Thursday, October 18.

Ten percent of everything sold that day will benefit the Baugwan family.

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