Call center boosts Spring Hill’s economy

Call center boosts Spring Hill's economy (Image 1)

It's been a tough couple of years for the city of Spring Hill.

The recession in the auto industry hit this boom town especially hard, but Spring Hill is ready for act two, thanks in large part to a new call center.

TRG Customer Solutions opened its doors in September of 2011 in the building that once housed Saturn's global headquarters.

Initially, TRG promised to hire 400 people.

“They quickly actually ramped past the 400, and today they're at about 800 jobs. There are rumors that there will be more,” said Spring Hill city administrator Victor Lay.

When the call center began operations, expectations of economic impact in Spring Hill were high.

“Just now are we starting to feel and see the impact of it,” said Darwin Bible, the owner of “The Hair Place.”

Darwin's barber shop has been open for seven years along Main Street in Spring Hill.

“The economic downturn definitely affected everything,” he said, but they managed to keep their business going and just recently hired their first new employee in almost three years just a few months ago.

Marty Kindred got the job.

Kindred was in the construction business for seven years, but when new construction dried up, so did his job.

Kindred told Nashville's News 2 he went back to school to get his cosmetology license and gladly accepted a job at Darwin's barber shop.

“Lucky, lucky, because like I said, without this, you can't make it,” said Kindred, “Everybody's got to have a job.”

Bible credits the extra walk in business to the opening of the call center.

“It's been very good for the community,” said Bible, “The great thing is, they're continuing to hire and that's even more positive news.”

“We've also just seen a mindset of folks encouraged by the fact that new jobs are coming and there's just a better attitude that there's great jobs out there that can be had by locals,” added Lay.

Lay told Nashville's News 2 the number of building permits requested this year so far is the highest since 2009 and spending in the city is up also from a year ago.

“I think that is a significant change,” said Lay, “We're very excited with what we're seeing.”

There are a few other major projects in the pipeline for Spring Hill: Tri Star Centennial is building a new emergency room off of Saturn Parkway and Maury Regional is also opening a new medical center.

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