Nashville built Streamweaver launches in app store

Nashville built Streamweaver launches in app store (Image 1)

A new app that combines multiple camera angles from friends launched last week in Nashville.
Streamweaver is an iPhone/iPod Touch only video app that split-screens videos shot with multiple smartphones.

Nashville's News 2 tested the app out on Monday by having three smartphone users record our interview.

Using the Streamweaver app, the participants all shot one minute of video from different angles throughout the room where the interview was being conducted.

“When we're done recording, each one of these people can upload their video to our cloud service,” explained Streamweaver COO Jay Hake. “We will then combine those three videos and they'll get back a video in their mobile app that shows all three of those videos together on a single screen synchronized.”

Users can share the videos on Facebook, Twitter, by text message and e-mail. Full-screen videos can also be seen at the Streamweaver Web site.

“Mobile video is a different experience than photography is. And what was really missing was how you connect different viewpoints and different perspectives. Even if you see something as simple as a 15 second commercial it's never shot with just one camera its shot from multiple angles,” said Hake.

Streamweaver is just one of thousands of tech companies that have chosen Nashville as a place to launch.

“Nashville is an exciting place. Right now there's this combination of creative energy in Nashville between artists and the emerging tech culture and that's really what we're building on,” said Hake.

“This is a Nashville funded company with Tennessee Community Ventures and Mountain Group Capital. And it's run by Nashville folks and it's built by Nashville folks. All the technology has been developed here.”

Streamweaver is a free app available in Apple's App Store.

The company, which currently employs seven people, has office space in E-Spaces in Belle-Meade.

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