3 arrested for indecent exposure at Hendersonville park

3 arrested for indecent exposure at Hendersonville park (Image 1)

The city of Hendersonville is cracking down on promiscuous sexual activity at the Rockland Recreation Center after three instances in recent weeks.

According to Lt. Scott Ryan, in the last month, officers have arrested three men for indecent exposure at the park located on Old Hickory Lake.

“We've encountered a couple of situations that involve persons exposing themselves to innocent bystanders driving by and a couple engaged in sexual activity in a restroom,” Ryan explained.

Among those arrested was Phillip Braswell. The 65-year-old was arrested in late August.

“I was in the park looking for another suspect on a case I was working and as I slowed to observe an individual parked in the road, a man exposed himself to me in a very crude manner,” Lt. Ryan said of Braswell.

Police said they plan to continue to saturate the park to make sure lewd activity is kept to a minimum.

“We are going to proactively deter this type of activity in the park,” Lt. Ryan continued, adding, “Our fear is innocent persons will be exposed to things they certainly didn't go to the park to be exposed to.”

Additionally, park-goers who see any suspicious activity are encouraged to report it to police.

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