Preordered iPhone 5s may not be in until end of October

Preordered iPhone 5s may not be in until end of October (Image 1)

If you ordered an iPhone 5, you're probably still waiting but if you didn't order one, you may have had it for days.  However, folks looking to purchase an iPhone may have a better shot at getting the iPhone5 before they can get the iPhone 4.

Millions of people who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 are still waiting. Apple ran out and couldn't fill the two-million orders so thousands of those phones are still sitting in China and won't be delivered until the end of October.

So how did these folks get one the day they were released?

AT&T, Sprint and Verizon all got some iPhone 5s for their customers. At one local AT&T store about 20 customers who didn't pre-order phones were getting them.

On Apple customer said she didn't order one ahead of time and waited in line just 30 minutes before getting her iPhone 5 out of the box. The secret is that she bought one of the 64 gigabyte phones. Most people wanted the 16 gig phone.

Of course those first day iPhone 5s are gone now, but there is a lesson to be learned.

Every store gets some of the new devices whether it an iPhone or iPad and some get more than others.

They won't admit it, but some store managers will hold a device for you, if you're adding more than one line.

Consumers should also check with some of the big box retailers like Walmart and Target. I found an iPhone 5 at Sam's Club. Radio Shack is another store that sells some Apple products.

Now, four days after the official release, you'll have more trouble finding the older iPhones than the new 5.

Apple dropped the price of an iPhone 4s to $100 and made the iPhone 4 free. Now it's nearly impossible to find one of those anywhere.

In any case, the new iPhone 5 is light and thin and has an extra row of icons.  Scrolling from page to page of apps is so much easier and faster.

Speaking of speed, the iPhone 5 is without a doubt the fastest phone you'll ever see.

All of the major retailers including Apple have sold out of the iPhone 4s and 4s. They're still taking orders but shipping times are still two to three weeks.

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