With new iPhone comes new apps, technology

With new iPhone comes new apps, technology (Image 1)

Technology is moving so fast these days, it's nearly impossible to keep up. New devices are hitting the market all the time, and other new products are being developed all the time.

The iExpander is designed to make iPhones even better. First, it solves the problem of that new connector called “lightning.” With the iPhone 5, every charger and most every accessory consumers bought for previous iPhones does not work. The iExpander has an adapter built into it.

The iExpander also claims to expand the phone's memory and battery life and makes the camera take better pictures in low light. The inventors have raised less than half of their goal on Kickstarter. They hope to sell it for seventy dollars.

Another app, SmartThings, is a device that connects nearly anything in the physical world to the Internet.  The app can control your home's air conditioner, lights, fans and turn your regular door into a smart door you can open from your smartphone.

The inventors say SmartThings could send you an alert that your pet got out of your yard, or get a warning that there's a leak in the basement. 

Next, a very cool invention that turns most any photograph into something you can wear. It's the “Lumi Process.” The idea is to take a photo, have it printed on special paper, pour a special solution on it, then let the sun develop the photo on the clothing. The inventors were looking for $50,000 to get started, but they raised more than $250,000. This Kickstarter campaign was so successful that the company is already in business. 

Finally, the GoPano is a lens for iPhone camera allowing users to record 360-degree videos. The lens snaps onto the iPhone, and like magic, your video camera captures everything around you, simultaneously. Later you can go back to your video and choose which angle you want to share.

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