Pregnant woman robbed at gunpoint

Pregnant woman robbed at gunpoint (Image 1)

A woman, nearly nine months pregnant, was robbed at gunpoint while walking to her apartment in Hermitage Thursday evening.

It happened around 5:45 p.m., just steps away from her front door and police are still searching for the suspect.

Thursday was the first day of doctor-ordered bed rest for Brandi Wyrick, who's due to deliver her third child in less than a month.

Wyrick told Nashville's News 2 she ran out to get some dinner for her family and was headed back to her apartment in the Colonnade complex on Central Pike when she was approached.

“I thought it was a toy gun at first, until I felt the coldness and then I was like okay, it's real,” she recalled.

Wyrick said, “Out of nowhere, a guy come out from behind the garages and came up from behind me, grabbed my purse and put a gun in my side and basically told me to give him my purse or I would die.”

The confrontation lasted just around one minute, according to Wyrick, who told Nashville's News 2 she handed over her purse as quickly as she could to get rid of the attacker.

After the man grabbed her purse, Wyrick said he ran off into the woods and she called police.

“Being eight and a half months pregnant, that's pretty terrifying,” she added.

Friday morning, Wyrick said she was able to get her purse back.

She called her cell phone's voice mail from another phone and heard a message from a Good Samaritan who had found her purse stashed under a car in the parking lot of a shopping center just down the street from her home.

When Wyrick recovered the purse, she noticed only two phones were missing.  Her wallet and credit cards were still inside.

Now, Wyrick is concerned for her safety.

She said even though the Colonnade is fenced in and there are gates at the entrance, sometimes the gates are left open during peak hours.

“If he's willing to come up to an eight and half, nine-month pregnant woman over a purse, what's not to say he's going to do something else?” she said.

Nashville's News 2 contacted the Colonnade and asked about security concerns.  They declined to comment.

Hermitage precinct investigators are searching for the suspect.

“We're looking to see if there [are] any kind of cameras, any witnesses,” Metro police Lt. John Drake explained.  “We'll go door to door and knock on apartments and we'll go to the management and see what they know, as well.”

The suspect is described as a black male in his early to mid-20s.  He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with blue writing and black and silver camouflage pants.

Anyone with information is urged to call Metro police or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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