Man arrested on rape, drug charges at Hendersonville marina

Man arrested on rape, drug charges at Hendersonville marina (Image 1)

A Hendersonville man is behind bars in Sumner County Thursday, facing rape and cocaine charges.

Megan Smith, 50, was arrested Sunday aboard his boat at Anchor High Marina on Old Hickory Lake after a woman reported Smith raped her aboard his 43-foot boat named Shopony.

According to the affidavit, the 33-year-old victim told police she went to the boat slip with Smith on Saturday.  The victim said she and Smith were friends, but never dated.

She said she was intoxicated and fell asleep on the boat.  At around 3 a.m. she awoke to the physical sensation of being sexually penetrated.

Smith told police he gave the victim cocaine but gave conflicting statements on whether the rape occurred and what time, and whether the victim was asleep or awake.

During the course of their investigation, Hendersonville police also learned Smith was under investigation by the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force for allegedly selling cocaine.

Authorities told Nashville's News 2 Investigates they began receiving complaints against Smith two years ago, alleging that boaters and jet skiers would often go to his $200,000 vessel to make drug deals.  

“It was out in the open and people noticed and made calls and complaints. He sold and I think he sold to support his own habit,” said an 18th Judicial District Drug Task Force Officer.

Smith is also said to have previously sold a police operative a gram of cocaine.

During their investigation, police seized three grams of cocaine, a gram of marijuana and more than 70 Viagra pills.

Smith was charged with rape, possession of cocaine for resale, simple possession of a schedule VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a legend drug without a prescription and booked into the Sumner County jail on a $75,000 bond.

An October 10 court date has been set.

The investigation is ongoing.

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