Fix-it pro empowers women in male-dominated field

Fix-it pro empowers women in male-dominated field (Image 1)

Dressed in paint-splattered jeans and a bright pink t-shirt, Natalie Burdette applied stone tiles to the backsplash of a Hendersonville kitchen.

It's just one of several jobs on her plate on a typical Wednesday afternoon.

Burdette started Ms. Fixit around two years ago, and in that time has seen her customer base grow steadily.

Her clients are predominantly female, women who perhaps feel more at ease doing business with another woman.

“Elderly, single, divorced women, they would prefer to have a woman come into their home, so that's a huge part of my business,” Burdette told Nashville's News 2.

Though Burdette often hires men as sub-contractors for her projects, she prefers to hire women whenever possible.

She hopes her success in the home improvement business will also serve to encourage young women to enter other male-dominated fields.

“That's been my goal all along, to empower women, to encourage them that they can do anything they set their minds to,” said Burdette. “There's just so many possibilities out there if you just encourage these girls and don't discount them just because they're young women.”

In addition to her residential client base, Burdette also handles commercial clients. She recentlu completed a full renovation of a Hendersonville gym.

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