iPad apps proven to help children with autism

iPad apps proven to help children with autism (Image 1)

Studies have shown that the iPad is especially useful for people with Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy and autism. One woman has proven it, and she has recommendations for which apps are the best.

Twelve-year-old Remle Terry has learned almost everything he knows from an iPad.

“It's very interesting because I can learn new stuff,” Remle says of the tablet.

His mother, Teresa Vasquez Terry, said before using the iPad he was hardly speaking and couldn't go to the bathroom on his own.

Terry, a doctoral student, gave Remle an iPad and some apps.

Terry says she gave her son apps that teach complex math problems and make it attainable for his brain to be able to see how it works.

Terry has identified more than a dozen apps she's found to be useful for people on the autism spectrum.

Grace is an app that helps autistic children and others with a delay in speech.  The app helps those children communicate what they need, what they want or how they feel, by using pictures and words instead of speech.

Another is called iSequence, which helps children understand their routine for school days. Kids can record everything they need to do for all seven days such as ride to school, unload, go into school, etc.

When it is accomplished, they simply check it off their list. It proves to be useful for independent kids who are distracted easily and lose focus on what they should be doing.

Teresa and Remle also like the app called Sosh.

“What it does is helps them better understand how to adapt in social situations,” Terry said.

Most of these apps are very expensive, too expensive for most parents to buy.

However, Teresa says app developers are eager to help by giving out codes for free downloads.

Usually developers have 50 app codes per update, so they have an outlandish amount of app codes to help them make the app better.

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