Brentwood police warn of recent car break-ins

Brentwood police warn of recent car break-ins (Image 1)

After 25 car break-ins in a month, Brentwood police are being proactive and educating motorists on how to secure their vehicles and not become victims.
Capt. Tommy Campsey hit the streets Friday morning, handing out Park Smart cards and showing Nashville's News 2 plenty of visual examples of how people easily make themselves targets.
“It's like the field of dreams,” he said.  “If you leave it in sight, they are going to come.”
Campsey says in less than a minute, thieves can get valuables, including driver's licenses, checks and credit cards.
“It's very aggravating.  They have to go and replace their driver's licenses, social security cards… their identity has been compromised,” he continued.
Some, like Crystal Andrews, told Nashville's News 2 they didn't even think about leaving valuables in plain sight until Campsey warned her.
“It was extremely helpful and I probably won't bring my purse here anymore,” she said, adding, “I'll leave it at home.”
“We are trying to get people to help us on the front end so they don't become victims on the back end,” Campsey said.

Citizens are reminded to always lock their cars and keep valuables out of sight.

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