iPhone 5 hits store shelves Friday, hundreds camp out

iPhone 5 hits store shelves Friday, hundreds camp out (Image 1)

The wait is over for customers who have anxiously awaited Apple's newest device, the iPhone 5.

Overnight Thursday and into Friday morning, hundreds were lined up at stores across the nation.

Anticipation lurked outside of the Mall at Green Hills while over 200 waited for doors to open at the mall's Apple store.

Nashville's News 2 visited AT&T, Best Buy, Sprint and Verizon to find out how difficult it would be to purchase the new device without placing a preorder.

At Verizon, an employee recommended those who had not previously placed an order to arrive to the store early, while an AT&T employee said he expected for some customers to camp out overnight.

At an area Best Buy, employees said there was a zero percent chance of scoring the latest Apple device.

The salesman also added the store likely won't get enough iPhone 5s to fill their pre-order and it could take weeks before some customers can even get theirs.

At Sprint, employees confirmed they would be getting the latest iPhone, but was unsure how many they would receive.

“More than likely what will happen are people [going] after the 16GB, so the 32 and 64 will be available,” the employee said.

Inventory is going to be different for each store.

Walmart and Sam's Club are also said to be behind on preorder shipments. Some Radio Shacks are also keeping a waiting list.

Several salesmen added that customers moving from one carrier to another have a better chance of getting the iPhone 5.

Apple took two million preorders for the newest device.

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