Green Hills dentist holds free dental work day

Green Hills dentist holds free dental work day (Image 1)

The David Roach Family Dentistry office in Green Hills held a free day of dental work Friday as part of the national non-profit organization Dentistry from the Heart.

“We are in an affluent area here and even here, we definitely come in contact with, whether they are new patients or existing patients, patients that don't have the finances to get the work that they need done,” Dr. David Roach explained.

The office opened at 7 a.m. and saw patients all day long for free.

“It is just a good day. You definitely feel good about what you are doing,” Dr. Roach continued.  “The patients are appreciative.”

Debby Thompson was one of the appreciative patients even after a very long wait to see the dentist.

“I need a filling.  I have a painful tooth and I need a filling.  I'm on disability and this was a God send,” Thompson told Nashville's News 2.

The dentistry staff did a great job of making sure everyone was comfortable as possible during the long wait.  They even invited guest musicians to sing for the crowd.

Hygienist Monna Journey said she thankful for an opportunity to give back to the community.

“It has been wonderful.  It is such a blessing.  I have wanted to do a mission trip for 20 something years and it has never worked out and sometimes your mission field is right here in your own back yard,” Journey said.

David Roach Family Dentistry had help throughout the day from four other dentists.

Dr. Roach said he is planning to make free dental day an annual occurrence.

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