Safety improvements to Bradyville Pike continue

Safety improvements to Bradyville Pike continue (Image 1)

A notoriously dangerous Murfreesboro road is getting another upgrade.

The city plans to add a turning lane, bicycle lane and sidewalks to a 2.1 mile stretch of Bradyville Pike, a busy, two-lane road just south of the Middle Tennessee State University campus.

The section of road getting upgrades is between Broad Street and Rutherford Boulevard.

It's good news for Andy Niemeier, who frequently jogs along Bradyville Pike.

“You just have to keep your eyes out and make sure you're paying attention to the cars in front of you. So you can't really take your eyes off the road and the cars,” said Niemeier.

In 2009, the city repaved Bradyville Pike and narrowed the lanes to allow for more shoulder room for pedestrians and bikers.

“That was an interim project knowing that the long term project was intended to provide better upgrades that included side walks and things that we could not get done in the short term,” explained Dana Richardson, director of the Murfreesboro Transportation Department.

The plan, in part, is the result of the death of Lakeisha White.  The 11-year-old died while crossing Bradyville Pike in July 2008.

Rutherford County sheriff's detective Ron Killings was behind the wheel of the car that hit White.

He was charged with reckless homicide but found not guilty in February of 2011.

Al Batten rides is bicycle down Bradyville Pike to go to the store and told Nashville's News 2 he worries about traffic and getting hit.

“Cars just fly up and down the highway. It's unsafe. I see a lot of places across town that have that bike lane, sidewalks and it looks a lot better, so it would improve it a lot,” said Batten.

Right now, Richardson said the project is still in the preliminary phases; construction likely wouldn't begin for four to five years.

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