Neighbor saves toddlers from burning home

Neighbor saves toddlers from burning home (Image 1)

A family is lucky to be alive after fire consumed their home on West Eastland Street in Gallatin Monday morning.

A mother and father upstairs when the blaze broke out were able to escape with their five-month-old child but two toddlers downstairs weren't so lucky.

The children, two three-year-olds, quickly became lost in the thick, black smoke and flames.

Their father, Mike Hill Fitts, reentered the home in attempt to find the children but was unsuccessful and suffered severe burns over 25% of his body in the process.

Fitts recalled, “I shot through the living room where they play in granny's room. I ran through the flames and everything to get them out.  They [were] not in there.  I panicked and ran out again.”

“That is when I heard the kids screaming, 'Help me! Momma! Help me! Momma!'” their mother, Jaqueta McMurry, added.

A short time later, neighbors Sherry Binkley and Brian Wright arrived at the home.

The couple lives in the neighborhood and saw the smoke.  They called 911 and immediately jumped into action.

A mother herself, Binkley said somehow God guided her to a window on the side of the home where she heard the children crying for help.

She told Nashville's News 2 she punched out the window and yelled for the children to come to her.

“I walked down side of house,” Binkley explained.  “I heard the babies yelling, 'Momma!' so I walked to the window and busted out a window and heard them yelling, 'Momma!'  Then I started screaming, 'Come to me!'”

Moments later she saw their tiny faces emerge out of the smoke and she was able to pull them to safety.

The homeowners say it was divine intervention that none of their children were seriously injured.

“It was like an angel.  Like God sent them down the street to see the flames.  It was like God was really there for us. They say he is there when you need him and he was there on time to get us out the house and get us all out safe,” McMurry said.

Firefighters have not officially stated a cause but Monday's rains could've caused an electrical component inside the house to short circuit.

The home and everything inside it is a total loss.

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