Backyard beehive center of dispute in Spring Hill neighborhood

Backyard beehive center of dispute in Spring Hill neighborhood (Image 1)

A backyard beehive in a Spring Hill neighborhood is the center of a dispute.

The beehive belongs to Bryce Martin, who placed the bees on his back deck in 2009.

“This beehive has been here about three-and-a-half-years, approximately,” Martin told Nashville's News 2.

Martin, who lives in the Ridgeport subdivision, said he was notified by the homeowners' association that he is not allowed to keep bees in his yard.

“I can understand and I agree with the covenant to a certain extent, but the question is, does that apply to my beehive?” Martin asked.

He contends that House Bill 1671, passed last year, supersedes the HOA rules and allows him to keep bees on his property.

The neighborhood is managed by the Ghertner & Company Management.

According to Community Association Manager Jaye Kloss, the subdivision's attorney believes the state law does not relieve the homeowner from his obligation to abide by the Ridgeport restrictions.

“The community has rules and regulations that apply to all homeowners that live in the community.  It is unfair to the other homeowners in that community if we do not enforce the rules and regulations that they moved into a community association for,” Kloss told Nashville's News 2 in a statement.  

He added they will proceed with legal action to force Martin to remove his beehive. 

For now, Martin says he is not willing to compromise.

“I'm not saying the homeowners' association is the big bad wolf, but I think they are wrong in this situation and I think they need to be challenged and that is what we are doing, challenging them,” he said.

Representative Glen Casada, who represents the Spring Hill neighborhood, has asked Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper for an opinion on whether or not the HOA is considered a political subdivision of the state.

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