Woman loses control of vehicle, wrecks near house

Woman loses control of vehicle, wrecks near house (Image 1)

A woman driving in a Hermitage neighborhood crashed her vehicle, nearly hitting a house early Monday morning.

According to police, as Lauren Cadle-Hailend was rounding the curve in the 4400 block of Andrew Jackson Parkway just south of Lebanon Pike, when she for some reason lost control of her vehicle and drove through two front yards.

She then hit a tree and her car stopped just shy of striking a house.

“I heard a terrible crash,” homeowner Jane Brown said. “[I] thought maybe [it was] thunder.”

Brown said by the time she ran to her front yard, Cadle-Hailend was already out of her vehicle.

“First thing I asked [was], ‘Are you alone?' I saw a child seat in the back,” Brown recalled. “She was alone. [She] just wanted to call her husband. She didn't know what happened [and] said she was sorry.”

Cadle-Hailend was taken to a nearby hospital to be looked over and police said she is expected to be okay.

According to an arrest affidavit, the young woman did not remember the accident and admitted to police she had consumed two beers and one shot of vodka when she got off work at a popular night spot on lower Broadway.

Cadle-Hailend added that she also took a muscle relaxant and smoked marijuana.

She was charged with DUI and has since been released on bond.

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