Billboard supporting mosque to go up this month

Billboard supporting mosque to go up this month (Image 1)

The mosque in Murfreesboro put the city in the national spotlight, but not one that some necessarily liked.

“Well, I don't like how Tennesseans are being portrayed,” said Rick Britton, the Priest at St. Ann's Episcopal Church. “I don't like the way our Muslim brothers and sisters are being portrayed.”

Britton was introduced to a billboard movement slowly moving across our country.  It says simply “Love your Muslim neighbors.”

“There are good people in Murfreesboro who support the Islamic community and the Islamic community are our neighbors,” Britton said.

Members of his church and people around the country have donated money to the group behind the ad campaign.

“As it says in scripture, Mark the 12th chapter it says, ‘love your neighbor as yourself,'” Britton explained. “There are good folks on both sides of the issue and I'm just so upset because the few voices that are causing so much controversy are the ones that are being hurt.”

“But many of us in the Christian community, even the Jewish community, want to support our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

The billboard will go up in Murfreesboro and Britton says he hopes Christians appreciate the symbolism of the simple statement.

“For religious people, symbolism is very very important” he said. “It makes us stop, it makes us think, it makes us reflect. So having this billboard there as people drive by, as people walk by it, will remind us of our call to love all of god's children and be respectful to one another.”

The billboard is expected to go up on September 24 in Murfreesboro on South Church Street.

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