Family says Sumner County Jail released wrong inmate

Family says Sumner County Jail released wrong inmate (Image 1)

A middle Tennessee family said a little boy was ripped from his mothers arms because of a mistake made by the Sumner County Jail.

Felicia Ellis said the jail released her niece, Aeisha Niree Staten, on Wednesday morning.

Ellis said Staten called her to tell her they had let her out of jail, though they had no idea why she had been released early.

“I told her, well maybe they gave you that time served,” Ellis said. “I spoke to a bondsman he said well the jails are overcrowded so maybe they're releasing people.”

Staten's first stop was to see her son, but a few hours after her release police began calling family members.

“He told me that it was a mix up and that she was supposed to turn herself back in,” Ellis said.

Nashville's News 2 left a message with the Sumner County Sheriff's Office regarding the incident but they did not immediately return the call.

“Everybody has their own inmate number, everybody has their own social security number,” Ellis explained. “No two people have the same, and I think that it should have been checked out a lot more before she was just released.”

Ellis said her niece did the right thing by turning herself back in, but wondered what would have happened if the jail had made this mistake with someone else, perhaps someone with a violent path.

Her main concern is for her niece's son who thought his mother was home for good, only to have her go away again.

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