Carwash benefits boy, 8, facing multiple health problems

Carwash benefits boy, 8, facing multiple health problems (Image 1)

Friends and family members are rallying around an eight-year-old Murfreesboro boy battling multiple health problems.

B.J. Whited suffers from epilepsy and autism, as well as a rare medical condition called congenital central hyperventilation syndrome (CCHS).  

According to B.J.'s mother, Sue, CCHS affects her son's auto immune system and the nerve system.

Due to the disorder, B.J. uses a ventilator to breathe because his brain does not tell his body to breathe on his own.  

“He has to stay on his ventilator all night, all day. He can't come off at all,” Sue said.

The family told Nashville's News 2 they consider nearby Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital their second home.

“It seems like we are here more than we are home,” father Britt Whited said. “We come pretty often.”

On Friday, B.J. spent time at the children's hospital so doctors could check his pacemaker.

The family also travels to Chicago once a year to visit a CCHS specialist.

In an effort to help ease the financial burden of B.J.'s upcoming trip to Chicago, friends and family members are hosting a carwash next Saturday.

“We struggle day to day just to get food on the table and the utilities paid,” Sue said. “He does have TennCare and that does help with the doctor bills and things, but it is just every day living, you know, it is hard.”

The carwash will be held at O'Reilly Auto Parts located at 2503 Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on September 22.

A silent auction will also be held.

Anyone interested in volunteering or making a donation, can contact Chris Scott at 615-785-1410.

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