Volunteers search for hit-and-run victim’s cell phone

Volunteers search for hit-and-run victim’s cell phone (Image 1)

It's been three days since the lifeless body of Marc Pullo was found alongside Harding Place in south Nashville

Metro police said a vehicle struck the husband and father of three while he was walking home from Walmart around 11:30 p.m. Sunday carrying diapers for his kids.

Nashville's News 2 viewers, after learning of the tragedy, responded Wednesday by going to the scene of the crime to try and ease a family's grief.

The volunteers looked to no avail for the victim's cell phone containing pictures and video of the man with his children.

Amy Walko has wonderful memories of her husband of 14 years and is afraid, without that cell phone, her children will not.

“It's got video of him and Arisa playing and I really, really want that phone back,” Walko told Nashville's News 2.

Karen Doty was one of two viewers who took to the dangerous street Wednesday, searching the woods where the victim was found.

“Right straight to the heart,” Doty said.  “I just cannot imagine what she is going through.”

That stretch of Harding Place where Pullo was hit has no sidewalks, and for years pedestrians have been demanding the city do something.

Nearby resident Christina White says sidewalks have been an issue for decades.

“It's so sad to realize that someone has to lose their life to see that Harding Place needs sidewalks,” she said.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has been a huge proponent of sidewalks for Music City, and thanks to a Tennessee Department of Transportation grant, the Harding Place sidewalk project has been funded.

“A big issue in Nashville is the need for more sidewalks,” Mayor Dean said. “We have invested millions and will continue to invest in capital funding for sidewalks but we cannot do it all overnight.”

He continued, “The state gave us a grant and we have to go through the mechanisms that TDOT has established for environmental studies and feasibility studies and that is happening now.”
The driver that hit Pullo is still at large. Police say they are looking for a red or brown vehicle with front end or passenger side damage.

Anyone with information is urged to call Metro police.

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