New iPhone 5 keeps local company busy

New iPhone 5 keeps local company busy (Image 1)

Griffin, one of the world's largest makers of iPhone cases, was a busy place Wednesday afternoon.

Apple's announcement of a new iPhone means a new design and a race toward the September 21 release date.  Wasting no time, Griffin changed its Web site to feature the new iPhone.

“Officially we don't receive any information prior to the announcement,” Griffin Director of Public Relations Jackie Anderson said. “This is disruptive for our entire industry so for companies like Griffin and our competitors, this is a really big deal for us.”

Some 150 Griffin employees gathered around computer screens and projection screens where the announcement in San Francisco was blogged by journalists invited to attend.

“They don't allow cameras,” Melissa Lapsley explained.  “It's only live blogs so we just have to wait for the blog to come up and see what happens.”

When the first picture of the new iPhone appeared on the screen, employees watching in a conference room applauded and then began taking notes.  They'll review the specs Apple released in its announcement, then go to work designing new cases and accessories.

“To have something happen like a complete form-factor change, like we've seen on the screen, means our industrial design people are going to be really, really busy for the next couple of weeks,” said Web Wester, who handles social media for Griffin.

Among the changes the iPhone 5 brings are a larger, taller screen, a new dock connector and new headphones.  

What will Griffin do from here?

“We'll, get together, and see what's changed,” said Anderson, “just as quickly as possible, getting everything out.  That really is the name of the game. The first one to the peg is the winner.  This is a very competitive industry so Griffin, along with all of our competitors, we're all trying to be the very first one to get our stuff out to the market.”

The iPhone 5 ships on September 21.

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