Sumner County schools discover extra $3 million

Sumner County schools discover extra $3 million (Image 1)

The Sumner County School system has an extra $3.2 million that no one knew about until recently.

“It was brought to our attention that $3.2 million of rollover money was now on the revenue side of the budget,” explained County Commissioner Jim Vaughn.

He said he believes the money is proof that the school board acted hastily when making the decision to keep schools closed at the beginning of the year.

“So if we would have just held off and determined how much money was left in the coffers we might have been able to forgo any of the school closings,” Vaughn said.

According to Jeremy Johnson with Sumner County schools, the system just recently finished finalizing last year's books when the money was discovered.

“At every point in this budget process we have told our county commission, told our school board that we were in the process of finalizing last year's books and until we finalized last years books we don't know what kind of carryover we have,” Johnson explained.

Johnson told Nashville's News 2 the money represents just 1% of the school system's total budget.

The school system said they no idea that they would have an overflow from last year.   

The money did not come to light until after the decision was made to delay the start of school.

Sumner County students started the 2012-2013 school year more than eight days late due to the battle over the budget.

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