26 first responders honored by state of Tennessee

26 first responders honored by state of Tennessee (Image 1)

More than two dozen first responders across the state of Tennessee were honored by Homeland Security on Monday for their dedication to serving the public.

“We want to recognize our first responders that I think a lot of times we take for granted,” Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security Larry Godwin said.

A total of 26 firefighters, police officers, sheriff's deputies and others received certificates from the state and the Department of Homeland Security during a ceremony.

“A lot of times, we know they're there and they're going to do their job, but the training that goes into that, the preparation and the things they have to be prepared for, and the men and women from fire personnel to safety personnel, police and sheriff's department is tremendous,” Goodwin said.

Judy Cagle received the honor for her husband Dennis who was killed in the line of duty in 2009.

Cagle answered a robbery call at a grocery store in Henderson County and was shot to death by Ricky Lee Stewart who later pled guilty to the crime.

“This is very special,” Judy said. “It is such an honor to come up here and represent my husband.”

Godwin added, “You never stop recognizing the different heroics that occur on a daily basis that just you think its part of their job. We always as managers' second guess re-evaluate actions that were taken and these decisions are made in split seconds.”

Click here for more information on the 2012 recipients.

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