Vigil held for 3 Bellevue stabbing victims

Vigil held for 3 Bellevue stabbing victims (Image 1)

Friends of 14-year-old Jonathan Culpepper organized a candlelight vigil to remember him and his two family members Saturday night in Bellevue.  The trio was brutally murdered on September 2.

Culpepper, his mother, 48-year old Michelle Pinkowski, and her mother, 71-year-old Marylea Jordan, were fatally stabbed by their neighbor, 41-year-old Craig Garber.

The stabbings took place at Jordan's home in Bellevue as Pinkowski's nine-year-old daughter slept on the couch.

The nine-year-old fled the home as she heard her grandmother being stabbed.

Saturday's vigil was to remember Culpepper and the other members of his family.

“Jonathan was somebody that you could never forget,” Sarah Depalo told Nashville's News 2. “He was really funny, [and] he always had a way of making people laugh.”

Lauren Morris flew from New Jersey to attend the candlelight vigil.

“[Culpepper] gave me this bracelet that says ‘Don't be a Litterbug,'” Morris told Nashville's News 2, “and when I found out he was gone I looked down at my bracelet and I was like this can't be happening.”

While many of the victim's friends, family and community celebrated their lives, many are still trying to make sense of their deaths.

“I think that has to be the worst part, he didn't deserve that [to be fatally stabbed],” Morris said, “Nobody in his family deserves that.”

“It's just not right for something bad to happen to someone that young,” Depalo added.

Private funerals for the victims will be held Monday.

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