Saks looks for more workers in Rutherford County

Saks looks for more workers in Rutherford County (Image 1)

Saks Fifth Avenue is delivering on a promise made to Rutherford County.
The company is hiring workers who lost jobs last year when Borders shut down its LaVergne distributing center.
On Friday, Saks opened up a new facility in the same building, with some of the same workers.
“They gave us a job, they brought us back home, we needed work,” said Debbie Ray, who had worked 17-years at the Borders facility before it shut down.

Watching over a new robotics system that helps move Saks merchandise is newly employed Beth Minatra.

“I had been looking for two years,” she said.

Minatra credits Saks for being mindful of working conditions by installing things such as new air conditioning.

“That has made a huge difference in morale,” she added.

Saks says it plans to hire an additional 150 workers for the upcoming holiday season, along with 50 more right now.

All this comes against as the facility's celebrated its grand opening Friday with Governor Bill Haslam and Saks CEO Steve Sadove.

“The location was exactly where we wanted to be, the State was extremely helpful to us,” Sadove said.

For more information on avaliable jobs at the distribution center, visit their Web site.

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