Predators, KaBOOM join forces to build new playground

Predators, KaBOOM join forces to build new playground (Image 1)

Around 200 volunteers with the Nashville Predators, Bellshire Elementary School and the local community spent Friday morning building a new community playground at Bellshire Elementary School.

Bellshire Elementary submitted an application and was selected by KaBOOM, a national non-profit organization dedicated to saving play.

“We travel all around the country, all of North America, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Puerto Rico,” KaBOOM project leader Naudey Martinez explained.

Thanks to preplanning and hard work by volunteers, the playground, which the elementary students helped design, was completely built in six hours.

“The kids sat down and they drew what they bought the playground should look like.  Kids had swimming pools, bounce houses, swings and then we took all of that back and KaBOOM created the playground and sent it to us, three models, we picked the one we liked and that is what is being built behind us today,” Principal Chris Marczak told Nashville's News 2.

The school playground will also be used by the community.

“This is a playground for the kids in this area to walk up here on the weekends or at night and play [and] bring their parents with them and they can build those family ties together,” Marczak continued.

The Nashville Predators Foundation helped purchase the playground equipment, which prominently features pictures of Nash.

The previously playground was built in the 1950s.

KaBOOM has built over 2100 playgrounds across North America in the last 16 years.

The president of KaBOOM lives in Nashville and is a Predators Season ticket holder.


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