Local small business owner not a fan of ‘ObamaCare’

Local small business owner not a fan of 'ObamaCare' (Image 1)

At least one small business in Nashville is voicing his concerns and disapproval of President Obama's affordable health care act.

Steve Richards is proud of the business he has built in the last 25 years. With more than 1,800 clients storing paper records in a quarter of a million square foot building, Richards said he is more proud of the healthcare plan he provides.

“We pay 100% of healthcare.  We pay all their hospitalization, eyeglass, prescriptions and dental.  We pay for their long term, short term disability.  We pay for long term care.  We're very rich on that,” he explained to Nashville's News 2.

Richards' company currently has 55 employees. If he had 49 employees, his company would not have to take part in the president's healthcare plan.

“Let's take those 55 employees.  Would it not be cheaper for me to simply say to everyone, 'Guys, we no longer are going to offer you 100% hospitalization,'” he said. “It's cheaper on me as a company to pay the penalty and let you go on ObamaCare.”

Richards insists that is not going to happen, but added that new hires will probably not happen either for now.

“It is a period right now of real uncertainty and uncertainly means we don't do things we normally could, like grow your business or add people,” he said.

Jim Brown of the National Federation of Independent Business added, “We've seen our optimism index is as low as its ever been historically.  Plans to hire, terrible.  Data there from our members, they are so uncertain and they are so unsure and some of them are really angry.”

As to whether that anger subdues or continues will be determined on November 6 when voters go to the polls.

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