Democrats change party platform to add God, Jerusalem

Democrats change party platform to add God, Jerusalem (Image 1)

In a controversial vote, the Democratic Party updated its platform at their convention to include the words “God” and “Jerusalem,” which were in the 2008 platform, but left out in 2012.

According to campaign officials, President Barrack Obama personally intervened to get the language changed after democrats came under fire for leaving any mention of God out of its official party platform.

“Mainly, what I make of it is it's a lot of fluff about not a whole lot,” said Todd Sharp, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic County Chairs Association. “There are people who just love to talk about and attack the Democratic Party.  It's more important to me how we walk than how we talk,” said Sharp.

But that's not how Cornerstone Church's pastor, Maury Davis, sees it.       

“It's hard to run on a platform of God and country when you want to control the country.  In order to run the country you've got to get God out of the picture,” said Davis.

The vote, Wednesday, drew boos from many delegates.

The change by Democrats didn't come as a surprise to many.

“Well, if they want votes, yeah it's a smart move. They'll get votes by adding those words. They'll lose votes by taking those words out,” said church member Elizabeth Scott.

In 2008, the platform referred to the “God-given potential” of working people.  It also said that “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.”

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