Gallatin couple spots bobcats in backyard

Gallatin couple spots bobcats in backyard (Image 1)

A Gallatin couple is voicing their concerns after at least three bobcats were spotted in their backyard recently.

Kimberly Jackson and her family live in the Woodlands subdivision located off of Hartsville Pike.

Jackson recently snapped a picture of the two cubs playing in her family's backyard, while an adult bobcat sat nearby.

Jackson said the neighborhood of about 30 homes includes children and many pets.

She told Nashville's News 2 she is concerned her small dog may be a target to the wild animals that are carnivorous.

Other neighbors that Nashville's News 2 spoke with said they are not surprised that a bobcat would be near homes.

They have reported seeing deer and wild turkeys coming from the large uncut field and brush that back up to a row of houses.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, bobcats are natives of Tennessee.

The TWRA states on its Web site the animals are secretive and are rarely seen by humans.

Jackson told Nashville's News 2 that she was told her only option is to hire a trapper to capture the animals.

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