Hundreds of phone books dumped on Mill Creek’s bank

Hundreds of phone books dumped on Mill Creek's bank (Image 1)

Hundreds of phone books were found to have been illegally dumped along Mill Creek's bank in south Nashville.

The phone books were tossed behind a business park along on Murfreesboro Road.

The phone books, now soiled, wet and an ecological mess remain in the creek until cleanup can begin in upcoming days.  

Nashville's News 2 Investigates spoke with Veronica Frazier who heads the Beautification Department for Metro Public Works.  

“The responsible party who did this, they didn't care about our water supply,” Frazier said. “They didn't care about our community [and] they didn't care about the tax payers. It was a totally outlaw act.”

Public Works officials speculate that someone paid to have the phone books distributed but instead they were dumped them into Mill Creek.  

“They either illegally dumped them or all of those phone books were delivered to a large business that didn't want to pay for the cost of disposal, so they illegally dumped them,” Frazier said.

Officials with Metro water told Nashville's News 2 Investigates the phone books threaten water quality and could cause flooding issues.

Frazier said because of their condition, recycling is not an option, which means tax payers will have to pay to have them removed.

The Yellow Pages released the following statement via a spokesperson on Tuesday afternoon which read, “We regret that this happened. This is a violation of our procedure for delivering directories. Yellow Pages is very disappointed about the improper disposal of the phone books on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville. Our distribution vendor has been notified and has personnel on-site to perform clean up and proper recycling of the directories. While it's rare when a problem like this happens, we fix it as soon as we hear about it. We take very seriously the proper delivery of the Real Yellow Pages, as do consumers in the communities we serve.”

The spokesperson added that cleanup will begin immediately.

A local high school offered to clean up the litter on September 15.

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